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Because no one has every shot football before?

Yeah, with two camera bodies, one zoom, one prime tele, and two extenders in their pocket.

This lens wouldn't fix that.  Two bodies, one with a 400/2.8 and one with a 70-200/2.8 is still a whole stop faster and a whole lot more flexible overall, especially when the action gets close.

Unless I'm shooting real low light, what does that stop get me? (other than more bokeh, which I don't think is an issue for the kind of shots we would be shooting).

I always figured the main reason for the wide apertures on tele primes, was so that they could be used with teleconverters...

Ahead of the ability to use TCs I think the faster shutter-speed is the main reason for fast (larger aperture) telephoto lenses.

I agree. But I think for outdoor daylight shooters, the TC's may be more important.

The chief feature/benefit of this lens — in my opinion — is versatility. All of its focal lengths come without having to switch to another body, change lens, add a teleconverter, etc. Add to that the fact that the TC is custom-designed for this particular lens...  Its fantastic. Very, very, very expensive but fantastic!

That's what I was thinking too. In that review he mentioned getting more keepers because he wasn't stuck at one focal length.

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