Nikon V2 Needs Articulating LCD

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Re: Nikon V2 Needs Articulating LCD

4thnebula wrote:

I write this post on occasion when a manufacturer seems (IMHO and needs) to be missing a major feature in their camera.  I am not sure why manufacturers keep omitting an articulating (or flip up) LCD.  It seems there is not a photographing day when I need this feature.  I would expect that a single camera (Nikon 1 J2 or Nikon 1 S1) would not have an articulating LCD for those who want the extra small camera.  However, I would expect every system would have a model with an articulating LCD.  The V2 would seem to me to be that model.  This is a major reason why I never got into the Nikon 1 system.

This post also goes for the Sony RX's and Canon M's.

(Note: I am a Nikon DSLR, Canon DSLR and u43rds user)

The advantage of the NEX range (I am a happy user of the 5N model) is focus peaking, and the excellent viewfinder, and the articulated display. For me an articulated viewfinder works just as well (my NEX-5N has both!). My D600 has neither, but I have Lilliput external TFT monitor that I occasionally use with my D600, should I need a movable display! No need for built-in!

I'd love a Nikon 1 camera with an articulated viewfinder, yes, sir! I mostly use long lenses where an articulating LCD is not needed, but an EVF that I can set at any angle I want would be perfect! For stills, or video, equally useful! That, and in camera body built-in anti-shake, are details I love.

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