Backup, if you don’t do it, do it now

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Re: Backup, if you don’t do it, do it now

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

On Friday I came home and the first thing I noticed was that the shortcuts on my desktop to my pictures weren’t working.  And sure enough I was unable to access any of my 85000 pictures.  The PC was showing that my new drive was healthy but instead of showing it being formatted as NTFS was showing RAW.

This is a well known problem with windows.  There is nothing wrong with your drive, nor is any of your data lost.

Windows has done this.  There is a single byte (or is it a bit - not sure) that is set incorrectly.  No idea why windows finds it necessary to mess with this, but it does.

Change that byte back to what it should be, and voila, your drive is 'healthy' again, formatted as NTFS and all of your data is there and accessable.

This program may work to recover the partition Partition Find and Mount

I say may, because I have not used it.  I have used a command line program, but I cannot locate it right now.

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