Olympus financial results for 2012 fiscal year

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but ... death of ILCs: gigapixel, organic quantum-dot, plenoptic

My crystal ball did give me a vision of what may eventually kill the interchangeable-lens camera category completely:

The gigapixel, organic full-color photo-diode, quantum-dot, plenoptic, 60fps video camera module built into the iPhone 23.

1. Ultra-high quantum/nano light sensitivity.

2. Gigapixel resolution replaces interchangeable lenses -- you just zoom by cropping.

3. Plenoptic (i.e. light field) design frees one from focusing and (maybe?) allows reconstruction of whatever depth-of-field you desire.

4. Every shutter press captures 60fps video; intelligent software automatically and instantly extracts stills when you want them and then shares them instantly with whoever you would have chosen yourself, but you don't have to and are now free to think about more important things.

5. $699 with two-year AT&T contract, on G10 terabit cell network, in the year 2050.

This could be the death of the ILC.

But my crystal ball may be joking.

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