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I no longer have a favorite...

The 12-60 was on my E-520 most of the time... Even though it was starting to feel too big, it was my lens of choice, w the 70-300 as my 'birds and bugs' lens, and the 40-150 got some use around town.

But w all of the above gone I moved to an OM-D

No one lens has replaced the 12-60 so I find myself using different lenses for different applications.

12-50 is fine every day lens, but not as sharp or bright as the 12-60.  It does get a little closer though.

45/1.8 is sharp and bright, I use that for handheld night shooting or the odd time I want to play w shallow DoF.

14/2.5 sometimes seems just a bit wide... or not wide enough, and it's not bright enough for night time, but it's sharp and tiny.

100-300 doesn't have the range or macro ability of the 70-300 (but just added extension tubes)

40-150 (plus close-up lens) has become my macro of choice, but I'll see if that lasts now that the 100-300 has been extended/macrofied)

9-18mm  I find I'm using this more than the 4/3 version... maybe because it's more pocketable and easier to take along as a second (or 3rd) lens.

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