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Re: I'd switch to Cable....

Hi Jim, you mentioned you could probably get a much stronger speed if you upgraded to a higher speed plan and used a better modem.  Which modem would you advise?

My daughter is a work at home travel agent, she uses TimeWarner, but often finds it to be really dragging/lagging to where it stalls/stutters and slows down her business!  She's has both Dell techies and TimeWarner geeks at her home to check the connection, but I believe her main bottle neck might be her cable modem?? She is using Time Warner supplied cable modem, I'll get the exact modem soon and try to follow up on this, but she has a fairly new 6 core 32 gig RAM Dell desktop and I don't see it as being the problem..

ps: the only thing I know at present about her cable modem is that is "might" be an all-in-one, probably a Motorola Surfboard version, not sure, but I don't believe she has a router hooked to it yet I know she has "wireless" as her husband has a laptop in his mancave in the garage or around the backyard pool,etc..

I also use cable modem, Comcast and like you get 20--30's speeds most of the time...but I know there are those "slow down" times when cable internet shares with everyone else in my area, like when the kiddies get out of school, all friday/saturday/sundays its much slower,etc...

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