Upgrade to K5II or IIs or wait for the next model?

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I don't do birding, so I can't really tell you if the AF will be enough of an improvement or not.  But I do think the sharpness difference between the k5 and the k5iis is significant giving my shots now a bit more of a 3d look.

Thanks to everyone who has replied.  It is a difficult call - two reviews I have seen, say that the upgrade is worthwhile and some who have made the change also think so.  I agree that the difference in IQ does not seem that great from the lab test picture which I have seen but IQ is not really the problem as I print up to A3 size and have no problem with my K5 in producing sharp pictures. I guess I am curious to see whether using my Ltds I might be able to discern an improvement..

I am not really a birder - it is just that there are several in my camera club and a bird on a stick generally finds greater favour from competition judges than my normal landscapes.  So I thought that if I could not beat them , then I might join them.

I was, however, for the most part not doing anything too difficult - merely attempting to focus on ducks swimming across a pond and I was surprised that quite a few shots did not focus properly.

Maybe the 55-300 is not really suited to this sort of thing and maybe I need a lens with HSM.

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Birders are my nemesis in the photo community. Don't join them, unless you are having trouble getting enough sleep in your life


Yes, yes, we all know your are against bird photography. You have said it before. Let's see now.....at least 100 times and counting....

It takes quite some skill to be a bird photographer. Perhaps that is why you are not one.

What's that old saying? "If you can't join them then try to beat them down with many, many irrelevant, uninspiring, and boring replies in threads about birding photography."


Bird photographer Ron.

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