Sharpening in Aperture 3

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Re: Sharpening in Aperture 3

Santaji wrote:

Maxing out the sliders should result in too much sharpening. As a rule I start with settings a bit more subtle, Intensity at 0.46, Edges at 0.78, Falloff at 0.66. This is a default that I've found works well for most of the images from my Olympus cameras. Usually it's a matter of tweaking the Intensity a little if more or less is needed - I actually apply this during import.

This is why i am confused. I keep hearing that maxing out the sliders will result in too much sharpening, but i am finding that this is the only way to get any noticeable difference. I can tell the difference when zoomed in completely, but when viewing the image full screen on my iMac at the normal size, i can only make out the difference in sharpening (which is very slight) if all the sliders where set to maximum.

However, if you do need more sharpening in Aperture, you can do a few things. Play around with the settings more - but do so at 100% zoom, or at least use the Loupe, so you can see the effect better, and watch for artifacts, halos and hot pixels appearing.

Is the effect of sharpening only supposed to be visible while viewing the image at 100%?

No, but it's best viewed at 100%. I do find that Aperture shows 'Preview' images a little on the soft side, and they don't seem to fully show up as sharp as the output image actually is.

What you could be seeing is a reduced resolution image that is being shown with pixels being interpolated to fit the screen resolution. Only by showing it at 100% zoom do you see the pixels as they really are.

This depends on what your Preview settings are though. They are best set to match the screen resolution, and a quality setting of around 6-8. You may get a better view by turning off Previews altogether during editing, and only processing them if you need them, or set Aperture to process them during Quit.

You can often see the effect of this as you open an image, as it goes through each stage of viewing, you'll see it start off fuzzy, then it goes sharp, and then goes less sharp again as the final Preview image is displayed.

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