Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

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Re: No, it's not

Cane wrote:

jcharding wrote:

Many people use threaded view.  And as such your response appears to be a direct reply.  We should not assume that everyone else uses the internet as our own personal preferences dictate.

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Yes, here's how message boards work throughout the internet. If your original post is quoted in the post, then it's a reply to you. If not, it can either be a 'general' comment and not in reply to anyone, or in reply to the subject or OP. Did you see your post quoted in his post, no.

If someone reads through the whole thread, he doesn't have to go back to post one and reply under it for a general comment. This is like explaining to my parents how to use text messaging.

That's not how DPreview's message board works. When you are viewing a message and hit Reply (with or without quote), your response will be listed as "in reply" to the message you were viewing. You can see that at the top, in the message header, right under your subject line. This is obvious in threaded view by the indentation of messages in reply. But it is also obvious in flat view -- see how each and every message has its own "Reply" link? When you click the "Reply" link for the last message in the list, you were, in fact, replying to that specific message. If you want to reply "in general" then your best approach is to go back to the original post and reply to that.

So really, your assumptions about how this works "throughout the internet" are a bit flawed. But I don't mind explaining to you how it works here.


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