If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

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Re: If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

qianp2k wrote:

krob78 wrote:

I own both.  After almost 3 years with my 7d, I had serious doubts about the 5d3 with regard to any of my wildlife or BIF work.  I really only wanted it for my portrait work, which the 7d does not excel at with regard to high iso work or lots of noise in the shadows...

That being said, I've owned the 5d3 now since January 1st so just over 5 months.  I can tell you without hesitation that I haven't taken my 7d out at all since about February!!  The 5d3 is really that much better!

I had no intention as someone else mentioned of ever getting rid of my beloved 7d, yet I find myself wondering now, why am I keeping it?  Seriously... about a month ago, thinking that I wasn't getting a lot of the bif images compared to my keeper rate on my 7d, I took both out, one on the left shoulder and one hanging off the right...

I compared the images when I got home and found that not only did I enjoy shooting the 5d3 more when I was in the field that day, my keeper rate was at least 3 times that of my 7d images!!  I kid you not, the AF system in the 5d3 is excellent, far superior to the 7d AF system, which I have no issues with.  I studied it and practiced it and mastered it, but the 5d3 AF beats it hands down, over and over again...

My only dilemma now is, do I continue to keep the 7d hidden away in my camera bag as a back up body or do I sell it and get some new glass!  I can't believe I'm saying it but the 5d3 rocks and blows my 7d away!

You won't regret it!  And yes, sometimes I do wish the 5d3 had the 8fps.  In fact I wish for it a lot, there are times you don't get that "in between" image which may be the money shot but I'm sure with more practice I'll be getting my timing down tighter with the 6fps... I love them both but I love my 5d3 way, way more!

Yeah. I also wish 5DIII can shoot at 8fps and has a 30-raw buffer even

If you use a 1000x CF card with the 5d3 you get at least a 30 shot FF raw buffer.  It's at 6 fps though. 

may require a power grid so it has more power to drive lenses faster as Nikon did on D300s/D700. I also hope its lens mount should be framed to the magnesium body directly rather on a plastic ring that mounted on the body. As a matter of fact I am afraid with 70-200L II, or 100-400L no mention 500L attached, it may break if I don't hold lens together that something I don't worry with 1DIII for example. However in reality Canon would not let its 5D line to threaten its 1D line.

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