All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

trax87 wrote:

It was suggested to me that a good initial set of lenses for a beginner would be a fast zoom (e.g., f/2.8 18-50) a telephoto (e.g., 70-200)  preferably with a max aperture around F4 and maybe a macro lens.  This makes some sense to me as It would cover in a general way most typical shooting situations and then someone could get specialized lenses based upon their learned shooting preferences.

Honestly, I think a 18-50 f/2.8 is a terrible recommendatio for a "beginner" regardless of camera system. Canon's APS-C equivalent for this lens is $1000+. Nikon's is $800+ I think. Whenever the NEX equivalent comes along, it surely will not be cheap. Dropping that kind of money on a single lens as a beginner in a new hobby really doesn't make sense to me, unless you're fortunate enough in life to really have no concern about money. And even if you're sure you'll be in the hobby long-term and have the money to spend, I think as others have said, you're better off investing in primes first anyways.

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