GF3 RAW files in photoshop elements 8

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GF3 RAW files in photoshop elements 8

Hello, looking for some advice please...

I have successfully been using a combination of CS5 and PSE 8 organiser for a few years now, the former for processing and the later for cataloguing/filing and displaying images taken with my 5Dmk2. Not sure how this workflow happened, but its something i'm comfortable with and would prefer not to change. I'm talking about RAW files here.

I recently bought a Panasonic GF3 as a more portable alternative to the Canon but having trouble with using the same workflow for the pana raw (.rw2) files.

Initially they wouldn't open at all. But I have now updated the ACR plug-in (to version 6.7 I think) and I can now successfully open and process the GF3 raw files in CS5. So thats one thing sorted. But I am still not able to import/view the thumbnails in elements 8 organiser. Which makes it a bit difficult for me to view and archive the GF3 files.

Usually I would follow the order below (in organiser):

File > Get photos and video > From files or folders

Then naviagte to the folder where the raw files are kept, click on 'Get Media' and they would then be loaded into the PSE8 organiser thumbnail view. When I try this with the GF3 raws, I get the following message:

<i>The listed items were not imported. The file is damaged or is a format that cannot be included in the organiser.</i>

Given that I can open the files ok directly in CS5 I know they are not damaged, so assume it is the later problem.

I wonder if anyone has this problem before and has found a way round it? I'd be very grateful for any advice as I dont really want to start having to use a brand new system/application for viewing and filing my raw files, would prefer that I can view all of my images (both from the canon and panasonic cameras) in one application.

I guess the obvious suggestion would be to upgrade my version of elements to the latest (11?) but really, as I only use the organiser bit of elements, and not the processing side of the software, it would be a bit of an expense just for this.

Many thanks


Canon EOS 5D Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3
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