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Re: Nice pics of Germany - interestingly enough.....

Ben Herrmann wrote:

I've never been back.  I was born in Moosburg (Bavaria) in 1949 and we emigrated to the US in the mid 50's.  My father, who was a German Wehrmacht Officer during WW II, and my Mother, who was a secretary with the German General Staff during the War, met and following the war, they elected to emigrate to the "new country" for a new beginning.  We always talked (as a kid) about visiting again, but it never occurred.  As a result, any relatives we had who still lived in Germany, have long since passed on.  I would love to visit Bavaria though and some keen memories are still there of my being raised on a farm.  Heck, at the age of 3 - wearing leather shorts in mid February, I can remember American Tanks rolling through the streets and the US soldiers giving the kids candy - that I can still remember.

But as my father clearly stated when we first arrived in the US, he said, "We are going to be the best Americans we can be.  We will learn the language, learn the history, and be as productive as we can be."  And that's exactly what we did - and we never looked back.  Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore with some of the immigrants coming to the US.  In fact, my father - who was a Hauptmann (Captain) with the Deutsche Panzer Korps in WW II, was one of the only Germany Army Veterans to be able to join a local VFW in Philadelphia in the early 60's because he was so well liked - with the members there making him an honorary member.  He used to walk around with a Phillies Baseball cap on and a cigar and folks loved him.

People always ask me, "wow, for a German, how did you get the name of Ben?"  Well, my full name is Bernd Werner Herrmann - as German a name as one can have.  But there were/are no nicknames for Bernd (pronounced "Bearnt").  So as a kid, other kids started calling me Ben and it stuck.  Of course, kids can be mean, and others called me "that friekin Nazi" because I was German - which wasn't nice, but I learned to ignore it.

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Have a great one....
Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

LOL, this was a great story & thanks for posting it. That quote at the end did make me laugh (no offence intended).

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