I Will Not Shot in RAW

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I say do whatever you are comfortable with

Hossam Saad ElDin Abd Alhalim Farg wrote:

I'm decided to not shot in RAW any more with my Camera SX50, I didn't found any Difference between JPG and RAW and you can see it by your self and tell me what is Difference if there any:

1. JPG Direct from the camera to here

2. RAW of the same shot converted from RAW to TIF by DPP then to JPG

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The difference may not be all that obvious to you, but there is indeed a major difference.

The difference is that raw gives you the ability to completely process the image to your own preferences instead of Canons. You are allowing yourself to retain more exposure latitude as well (preservation of highlights and shadows), all the while of course you sacrifice the time and convienence of an in camera JPEG.

I find myself using Raw more than Jpeg, almost exclusively now. I like being in control of the output.

Just imagine shooting film and not having a negative, being stuck with whatever the lab prints out. Not for me, but certainly not trying to sway you, just having an open dialog about the advantages and disadvantages.

Good thing is that Canon has a decent Jpeg engine for well lit scenes at base ISO, so if you shoot in those conditions, that's probably fine for most general photography.

I say get the most for your dollar though, raw gives you that.


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