Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

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Re: Canon 10mm vs 18mm for landscapes

jrkliny wrote:

I would emphasize what has already been said.  The difference between 10mm and 18mm is huge.  The same can be said for the difference between 10mm and 15mm.  I have both the 10-22 and 15-85 and use the lens that matches my needs for each specific image.

If you buy a different lens, either 10-22 or the 15-85, I suggest you spend a great deal of time understanding how and when to use different focal lengths.  If you just want a wide angle so you can stand at Oxer Lookout and capture a wider area, you are likely to be disappointed.  Wide and UW angle lenses are all about changing perspective, being able to emphasize foreground elements and being able to control depth of field.  If you just want a wider field of view, you can always take a couple of images and stitch them into a pano.

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Jim, aka camperjim.

Actually, the lens focal length does not change perspective at all.  Your position relative to the subject does.  When people say a long lens compresses perspective, for example, what they really mean is that taking pictures from farther away compresses perspective.  Similarly, emphasizing perspective with a short lens really means emphasizing perspective by being closer.

Stitching multiple images taken with an 18mm lens will have the exact same perspective as a 10 mm image if you take them from the same spot. What will change is DOF, but that can be managed with aperture selection and focus stacking.

Having said that - I use my 18-50 far more than my 10-20 lens, but I would never travel without the 10-20.  I would rather spend 10 seconds changing lenses than stitch together later, and being able to see the final image while composing is a big deal to me (although I will stitch if I have to for some reason).

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