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Re: Nikon doesn't recommend AF Fine Tune in most situations

Rick Knepper wrote:

From page 338 of the USA Owner's Manual.

AF tuning is not recommended in most situations and may interfere with normal focus; use only when required.

What you apparently didn't do is check every FL from 80 to 400 to see which if any FL was optimized coming out of the factory. Having said this, wouldn't it be nice if Nikon indicated the approximate FL in a zoom lens it uses to calibrate the lens?

My attitude to zooms, if I decide that AF tuning is needed, is to pick the FL at which I think I am most likely to need critical focus wide open! I would hope that Nikon have similar logic (though they might use different FLs)

For normal lenses, this is somewhere between 24-35mm (DX), so 35-50mm equiv - where I need them wandering around.

For my only UWA, the 10-24, AF fine tune is much less critical because DoF is always so deep, but I would tune it for the long end (narrower DoF).

For teles, it's tended to be at the long end. (I have an 85/1.8G for portraits, so the long end becomes the more critical).

If a lens requires -20 at one end and +20 at the other, then there's something wrong and it goes back.

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