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Re: A55

Vince Lester Olympia WA wrote:

Nice shots.  I picked up an A55 recently and am in my getting acquainted period.  Shot some pics in Sedona, AZ area with a couple of lenses I had - Tokina wide 20-35 and a Quantaray 28-200.  Tokina worked fine, but the Quantaray was locking up and hunting.  Not sure what was going on with it.  Finally just put it way and stuck with the Tokina and used a Sony HX10V P&S for anything needing zoom.

Wondering if it's time for a new, higher quality zoom (200-500mm?) for the A55.   Any suggestions?

Vince Lester

Olympia, WA

Thank you...a 200-500 would work wonders, but thats alot of range you would probably be missing. For about the same price a sigma or tamron 70-200 2.8 would be a real nice lens for the a55 or any camera really.  It depends on what you are looking to shoot mostly, a fast 70-200   can make a nice landscape lens also for a bit of distance.  Or you could get a inexpensive used sigma 28-200/75-300 macro(make sure its compatable) and the tamron 200-500.

Tough call but best of luck and keep everyone posted please.  I would love to see some sedona/olympia shots.  I can  remember at 8years old comming down from flagstaff and seeing the lights from phoenix at night.  I can imagine olympia is beautiful also.  ...brian

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