What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

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Re: What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

ConanFuji wrote:

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

The DOF is too shallow for camera phone It could have been manipulated digitally  but I don’t think so

It doesn't matter what the shot looks like.

EXIFs doesn't mean a thing; it can be edited.

Tasad can't prove anything and he knows it.  He's just saying it all out loud.  I wonder if he pressed the complaint button.

Actually, your tone of defense could be taken with ANY case--legal or otherwise. Actually, with your logic, NO case could ever be proven. YOU could always say (things like) (1) the eye-witnesses were paid by the government to lie--how do we really know they saw it? (2) It doesn't matter what the video looks like, it could have been faked--ever seen special effects from Hollywood? (3) Yes, he had blood on his hands and the knife in his hands when the 10 people arrived on the scene BUT, how do you know he didn't just remove the knife from the wound and was trying to help the victim? As to the 10 eyewitnesses, see #1.

In other words, with the pervasive argumentative tone you take here in defense of the many cheats entering the challenges, I'm beginning to suspect you are one of those lawyers who frequent the crime-ridden parts of the cities promising repeat offenders you can prove their innocence with your persistent argument that no one can really ever prove anything conclusively.

So, that's why we in the US tend to use the phrase, "reasonable doubt".

In this particular case, the "target" has already shown he doesn't mind editing the EXIF data on his photo and lying about which camera he used to obtain it---whether by the phone or the Canon EOS. He is already a liar. (of course, you might step in here and say, perhaps, that maybe someone else hacked his photo and changed the data--he is completely innocent).

As to motive, I can think of no good motive for taking a photo snapped with a camera phone and editing the EXIF data to falsely state it was taken with a Canon EOS. However, given the rule restrictions and the general ability of a DSLR to take a better photo than a camera phone, there is a motive to lying and changing a photo to state it was taken with a camera phone in order to enter a challenge.

Finally, it would seem obvious the person is proud of this photo and seems that he will get it into as many contests as possible--changing the data if necessary.

Since these challenges are so trivial--as has been mentioned many times--then even if there is some explanation of all this that exonerates the entrant, having been falsely accused and punished should be no more of a travesty of justice than all the poor honest photographers who suffer defeat at the hands of cheaters every day.

In conclusion, given the fact that none of these challenges matter anyway (as people point out all the time when I complain about cheating), I would remove that photo from the phone challenge and bar him from entering any of my challenges. And until DPR says I can't do that, I will do it.

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