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New eyes in old light

Camera technology as advanced to the point that your definition of low light (as seen by your oly) may no longer be quite so low. Likewise, flash technology and processes have advanced too and flash is alot more useful than it was several generations ago.

The rx100 has an advantage in low light over almost every other compact camera, due to the amount of  light it's larger sensor gathers relative to competitors. That said, if you prioritize low light capability (are we talking about af, iso or both here?) above of size, you might find something like a fuji x100, ricoh gr or nikon coolpix A to offer a significant advantage.

As to file size, well, yes compression does negatively effect image quality but that degradation may not be obvious as the low resolution of the files you send is low enough to cover any gaps.

Again, a used x100 (amazon warehouse, for example) would be somewhere in the ballpark of a new rx100 and would offer you better af and iso in low ligh with smaller files in a bit bulkier package.

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