M4/3 setup for fast AF and high ISO? Is GX1 the best deal now?

Started Feb 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Min shutter speed option on any m4/3 body?

Sounds like you're talking about shutter priority where you set the shutter speed you want (1/125s in your case) and the camera adjusts aperture and ISO for the correct exposure.  Pretty much all cameras offer that mode.  Usually labeled something like S or Tv.

It's not actually Shutter Priority. The setting to which he's referring is in Program Auto (other modes too?) and does just what he says - allows one to set a minimum shutter speed with everything else being controlled automatically. And then max ISO can be enabled at the same time. These two together allow one to set a floor for acceptable image quality, if you will, while allowing the camera to give better quality when possible - i.e. faster shutter, lower ISO, variable aperture. It's a pretty nice capability. It would be even better if aperture could be manually controlled with the control ring in this mode, too.

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