D800E night sky shots

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Re: D800E night sky shots: Fabulous. ISO?

Jack Hogan wrote:


I understand that RawTherapee  with the 'neutral' profile is as 'clean' as it gets, and it lets you correct up to 10 stops.

Great tip -- especially as I'm doing most of my (non-photo) related work in a Linux environment where RT also works well. Hadn't thought about that for this application. Thanks!

[...]  I use CNX2 and if I need more than the 2EV compensation it allows I use an LCH step in Master Lightness mode

I'm normally using LR for most of my work, but have and use CNX2 from time to time as well. Haven't done too much astronomy work with CNX2 though, but I'll try the "ISO boost trick" there also -- there is also an option for noise reduction that tries to take care of stars in CNX2, which might also help some.


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