Favorite walk-about lens

Started May 20, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Favorite walk-about lens

I have the 12-50 as my walk about lens - not really jazzed up about it, I'd much prefer the 14-42.

I also own the panny 20mm and Oly 45mm primes which I usually rely on but they're not viable for all situations. I just returned from DisneyWorld and it would have been difficult to stop and swap the 20 for the 45 (or vice versa) every time I need to the other lens.

I'd like a faster zoom lens then what the 12-50 (or even the 14-42) provides but budget is a concern. I don't have a thousand dollars to drop on a lens. This is a hobby that I love but that type of money is more then I'm willing to spend (read wife would kill me :-P)

I'll get my hands on the 14-42 lens at some point, I'm looking for a bit better performer and the size. The 12-50 is a bit larger then I'd like

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