Did I wreck my flash?

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Re: Any suggestions for new flash?

HansN46 wrote:

After all I guess my flash is gone indeed. I used it om my assignment last Friday and I had to adjust the aperture every time I the distance to object was changed. So the TTL didn't work properly. Very annoying because I had to check all the images immediately after shooting.

I think it is very UN-likely that you have permanently damaged your flash by putting the batteries in the wrong way.... especially as you have stated that it appeared to have recovered normal operation.

Instead, I think you have some other problem....

..... maybe nothing more than a lack of appreciation that MOST shots need flash compensation, and this is true even when TTL is working properly and without any actual fault.

If I am right, buying a new flash isn't going to "fix" anything.

Perhaps you should do some controlled tests with your present flash, say, with camera on a tripod, and aimed at a domestic subject with a wide range of evenly distributed tones in it... possibly a wall of your family room? Then shoot frames with TTL flash control, and see what happens with a range of Flash Compensation values applied in incremental fashion.

When you have some results, maybe we can help to evaluate them.... [??]

So I'm looking for another flash now. Any suggestions within the pricerange to € 200 or a little higher?

Thnx, H.

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