It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

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Re: It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

Tom2572 wrote:

Faketastic wrote:

How can FL not matter(?)- you're buying a prime and the FL is everything then.

That said, you need OSS for video and video without having the ability to zoom is rather boring/limited. I vote for the 16-50 OSS for video and then the 24/1.8 if you have the funds. For indoor shots the 24 mm FL will be very valuable. The Sigma 30mm is ok but the 35/1.8 is just not wide enough for indoor shots (and is too tight for nature, architecture et.c.).

Personally I think zooms are underrated

Zooms are way over-rated, but other than that I agree with you the FL matters, or at least it should. Buying the Zeiss 24mm because it's a better lens than the SEL35mm and then finding out 24mm is not your thing would be a terrible waste of money.

Why are zooms overrated? I see tons of pictures here that people have take with a prime that could benefit greatly from changing FL. Also, if you buy the zoom instead of either the 24 or the 35 would eliminate the problem you mention, right?

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