Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

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Re: Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

looper1234 wrote:

tell the kids to get picture from a trusted source, like wiki.

explain the what is meant by "Attribution" make that part of the project, giving credit for your sources is good practice.

I agree with looper1234. Here on DPR we can find numerous posts about copyright, use of photos, stealing...and general consensus is that the best way to protect copyright is to heavily mark posted photos or not to post at all. But, Internet if full of pictures people posted without expectations to be compensated if somebody download them for private enjoyment or use.

So if my kids are doing the project and they get images from the web site discussing the subject their project is about, they always list sources of information (including photos) what their research was based upon. Considering that in Australian public schools the reward is in form of the  comments like "excellent work"; there is no commercial value as they can't exchange "excellent work" for lollypop...

I disagree with the comment  labeling it as  " that is way of teaching them to steal". That perspective would label the teaching/learning process as stealing someone's intellectual property (someone has published the book and reading it and remembering word-by-word is essentially copy of the same? hence some kind of copyright breach).

For those who post photos on the internet without any copyright remarks or protection, expecting they would get rich if someone uses that photo without their permission are fooling themselves, it's such a media. If one thinks it's worth something, put a price tag on it and advertise it's for sale - simple.  And wait for the buyer to come.

If not, think about it as a kerbside: take a $10 note and write your name and phone number  on it, leave it laying there. Then wait for call to come....Technically, it's your money. But to claim it back, you'd have to explain why did you leave it on the kerbside on the first place (instead of your valet). Where I live, we don't write our names on the notes....

In short: I fail to  see why kids shouldn't use internet and everything on it as "open source library" for school projects - at least until they become like us, adults - money obsessed  and rotten ........

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