Backup, if you don’t do it, do it now

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The key word here is "properly"

Corkcampbell wrote:

I doubt if we have any noobs on this forum; after all, computers have been around awhile. Most of us have things other than photos that also need backing up.

I, like many, follow the "Rule of Three" in backing up:

1.  Three backups (although I have about six, considering I have a Dell with multiple drives and an    iMac that has a Time Machine drive attached)

2.  Two kinds of media

3.  One offsite (I have three offsite - one at work, one at a girlfriend's place, and one online with Carbonite. The one at work is backed up weekly; the online backup is continuous)

I even carry 3 micro USB sticks in my wallet totaling 72 gig for important things, like my latest photos and videos. Because I use an iPad and phone, my photos (in reduced format, of course) and important videos are also on those. Since I also post the videos that I make (which often include stills) on YouTube, that is another kind of backup, although not a complete one, of course.

All of this, even the online service, is affordable...far less than a kit lens.

I do believe there are still people not backing up at all.  Maybe less so in the population of this forum.

But I do also believe there are a vast number of people who back up and then leave the back up disk right next to the computer, where both will be destroyed simultaneously by a serious calamity that destroy the house.

I know I am actually a bit guilty of that omission : my main backup of RAW files seldom leaves my house (only when I am off for an extended period).  I should make another and alternate.

What I do take care of, is making extended and multiple backups of finished files (JPG) : they are on my computer at home, also at work on the next day, and on my zenfolio site.

Even if I lost everything else, I could at least re-download everything from Zenfolio : the files there are limited in size, but at least I will still have the image in its final form.

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