D800E night sky shots

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Re: D800E night sky shots: Fabulous. ISO?

Per Baekgaard wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

[...] Not a problem, you can correct brightness to your delight in the raw converter without a SNR penalty, per my previous post.

Jack, which raw converter do you suggest for this use ("clean" ISO boost in PP).

Hi Per,

If you find undesirable hue twists  or other raw-converter introduced artifacts at high ISOs I understand that RawTherapee  with the 'neutral' profile is as 'clean' as it gets, and it lets you correct up to 10 stops.  It also lets you choose demosaicing algorithm, which may come in handy in certain difficult situations, and has pretty good sharpening/denoising.  It also does flat fielding (don't know about stacking).

I suggest trying a few with your intended image type to see what works for you.  You may not notice or you might like the non-neutral rendition.  Most are fine with linear brightness increases (+EC) of a few stops so I wouldn't worry about it.  I use CNX2 and if I need more than the 2EV compensation it allows I use an LCH step in Master Lightness mode - but I don't do astrophotogaphy, yet so I do not know if that's a good way to go in that case.


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