Upgrade to K5II or IIs or wait for the next model?

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Re: Upgrade to K5II or IIs or wait for the next model?

Well I have a K5.  As long as you are willing to save around $US2000 I'd suggest waiting in the hope of a full frame camera.

Another APS-C camera is a hard sell unless there are a few more additions.  I'm thinking:

  1. More AF points
  2. Faster internal processing, ie, saving to SD card
  3. Even faster and improved autofocus
  4. Two SD card slots (but would necessitate a slightly larger camera and new battery grip)
  5. Improved flash sync speed (and maybe flash metering.  I don't use external flash much but many people complain so maybe its an issue).
  6. Greater resolution.  Not really important for me but seems to be for some users.

That's probably it as the K5 and II's are already great camera's.

What they need are more lenses!

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