Upgrade to K5II or IIs or wait for the next model?

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Re: Upgrade to K5II or IIs or wait for the next model?

miles500 wrote:

jm_mac wrote:

Can I ask which lenses you are using?  I don't do birding, so I can't speak to that type of photography, but I have been very happy with the focusing ability of the K5 with certain lenses (Sigma 50-150mm and 18-250mm hsm, Pentax 18-135mm).  They compare very well with the lenses I have for Nikon (Sigma 70-200mm hsm).  I know none of these are birding lenses, but I discovered a long time ago that, if you want good AF speeds and tracking, the lens plays just a big a role as the camera.  Particularly so with Nikon and Pentax, which have a bunch of lenses that look good on paper for things such as sports and birding, but in practice don't work out so well.  So with my kit and shooting, I don't think the better AF algorithms of the K5II will make much of a difference.  And it may/may not for you, either, depending upon the lenses you are using.

I was using the 55-300 which is my longest lens

F5.8 and a known 'hunter' I would imagine your in a world of frustration trying to use that lens for anything but very linear or static objects.

Unfortunately a new body will not resolve the issue as its not 'Pentax AF' related but cheap consumer zoom problem.

Tis is a very good point.  Maybe I need a lens with HSM raher than screwdrive in this situation.

It's not a screw drive Vs HSM issue either, an old 70-200 EX Sigma will kick the 55-300 xrse in terms of focus speed and consistent locking.

I may well get the Pentax 18-135 in the near future and it would be interesting to see whether that d improves things.

Very much doubt it though a better lens its also slow (optically Vs length) and short for birding, a DA* 60-250 , DA* 300 , Sigma 70-200 , Bigma , Sigma 120-400 , Sigma 150-500 will all be better.

I really need to get a Sigma 150-500 for serious birding , but I am really more interested in other sorts of photography and am not sure whether I can justify the expense.

A good point , but unless you get a lens to do the job you cant really expect a walk around lens or GP cheap zoom to work for you in this situation irrespective of what body you attach it to.

A new K5II would set you back £1000 and not make a jot of difference a DA*300 again £1000 but a whole new horizon whatever body you have in the future.

If you can justify a new body (throw away part) why can't you justify the investment in decent glass ?

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