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Re: Slow GIMP development

OK, but first I will have to understand why they thought Export is a good idea.

Because it separates the editing process from the final export of an image.

I don't like dedicated formats

There are non-dedicated formats?

XCF seems similar to PSD

Only to those who do not read up on what XCF and PSD actually are. One is an open format with reference implementation source code available for anyone to use. The other is a sparsely documented binary lump.

In other words, no matter how similar they might seem they're not similar at all. XCF will never be locked in, and will always be possible to convert to something else if need be.

which Photoshop users will soon regret having used.

Perhaps. What would you suggest they'd have used instead?

Agreed about the printing industry. Are you saying GIMP will target the professional print marekt?

GIMP targets anyone who edits bitmap images. Scribus needs a good companion editor and GIMP is a good fit. All that's missing is CMYK.

As for home printers, I have seen absolutely no evidence that any 6 color, 8 color, etc. inkjet printer does any better with CMYK than with RGB.

Of course not. That's not what CMYK is for.


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