It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

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Re: It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

I have the 24/1.8 and it's on my NEX7 99% of the time.  Although I can't directly compare the 24/1.8 with the other two lenses, I bet the IQ of  the two Zeiss are better.  As far as FOV is concerned, if the differences among the 24. 32 and 35 mm lenses are important to you, you have a much better feel for photography than I do.  I think the differences (especially between the 32 and 35mm)  are subtle.  I have 12, 24 and 50 mm primes for my Sony from Rokinon, Sony/Zeiss and Sony, respectively. As soon as I bring the NEX 7 to my eye, I know which lens I have on.  The FOV of these lenses are way different!

Just to be clear, the 35mm with its longer FL gives the best subject isolation and portrait bokeh abilities of these 3 lenses correct?
This may help betters confidence in the decision.

Which lens would be the fastest to focus?
All similar or do you think the Touit will have better or more accurate focus abilities?

Lastly can anyone verify that OSS actually makes a noticeable difference in video stability at 35mm?
I have the original 18200 and know it comes with both OSS and Active steady shot built in and immediately after pressing the record button you are fully aware the camera's small shakes are being abated.

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