Upgrade to K5II or IIs or wait for the next model?

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Re: Upgrade to K5II or IIs or wait for the next model?

miles500 wrote:

OpticsEngineer wrote:

Maybe the question about if it is time upgrade depends on what you are looking for.

The AF speed and accuracy of the K5ii is amazing even going well into dim light conditions.   It is better than my Sony A65 which has gathered lots of praise for its AF performance.

But if you turn on lens corrections the K5ii takes a lot more time.   Pentax has been pretty clever about how they do the lens corrections so it lets you keep shooting.  It is just that when you turn the camera off, it will continue processing until it is done and then power down.    But HDR shots take a long time to process in between shots.   Sony processing speeds are way ahead of Pentax.   I guess that is the obvious place to look for an improvement in the next model.

What else might you be looking for in an upgrade?

Clearly I am looking for improved AF, but I would not mind a slightly bigger sensor just to allow a greater amount of cropping where necessary and not because i need to print any bigger.  I would love an articulated back screen to help with macros and where the camera is low on the ground.  I am afraid that I am at an age where lying on the ground is not particularly welcome - it is getting up again which is the problem!!  Focus peaking would also be useful.   As you say processing speed might also be an area which could be improved.  I do not often use the lens correction feature for that reason.

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Yeah, Miles, in addition to the things I mentioned, an articulating rear screen (and for mostly the same reason -- if I get on the ground, there better be someone around to help me back up!), and a larger sensor -- and in my case I MIGHT want to print up to 16 x 20, which works out to PRECISELY 24 MP at 255 dpi, which is considered "professional-level" printing, and the focus peaking, too.

And no, I'm not going to go to Sony, or Samsung, or Fuji or Olympus to get it (even though Olympus just came out with what they claim is a VERY WR OS camera). I WANT TO STICK WITH PENTAX.

BUT in the hours since my last post I've been thinking about an article I read 30-years ago written by a reporter who attended the national convention for the Libertarian Party. At the time that was a fairly new movement and was generating a good deal of interest in America and so the reporter wanted to find out more about it... what it was all about. As I was looking for a rational alternative to the Republicans and Democrats, I was "in the same boat," so to speak. His report from the convention DID NOT bode well for Libertarians. He said he found them stand-offish and suspicious, and that while they all seemed to know what they were about, they seemed to have neither any desire nor ability to convey that to any "outsiders," nor did they appear to really care to... That while on the one hand they appeared to want to be a legitimate 3rd-party force in American politics, on the other hand they didn't appear willing to do ANYTHING required to get there.

That's almost EXACTLY how I perceive Pentax's corporate policy. As I wasn't an "active Pentaxian" from 1997 -- 2011 and there wasn't really much of an internet where we could keep up with such things prior to 1997, I have no idea if they've always been like this, or not. But at present, they really do seem to be in some continual sort of "stealth mode."

On the flip side, they just good a REAL KUDO in the new June issue of Popular Photography (maybe more than one, I'm only part-way through). On one of the opening pages, in the new products area, there's a half page on Ricoh's new high-end P&S camera. I wish I had the issue in front of me so I could give a direct quote, but essentially they said based on the poor quality of Ricoh's prior offerings vs. the impressive quality of this new one, their association with Pentax must have been a good influence on them.

AND THAT'S WHAT'S SO DANGED FRUSTRATING! I think we all know Pentax is very well capable of making equipment that's up to the best standards, dollar-for-dollar, of ANY camera manufacture. Certainly they never have, and likely never will be able to turn out the number of different models and lenses as do CaNikon. But what they DO turn out, when they really "put their backs into it," generally is "best of class." They just need to get some more new products into the pipeline before they get left behind.

As for the question of them taking their time with a new model so they can sell off K-5II stock, well, just how many of us did they really think WOULD buy the K-5II?!?!? I mean, sure, many folks have the $$$ to buy every new camera and/or lens that rolls off the line. Some of us don't. And I certainly can't see buying a K-5II and then selling it for likely a 50% or greater loss in a few months so I can get the next camera they make, assuming they make what I'm looking for. If they don't, maybe then I WILL get a K-5II. But certainly not before. I'd buy a Nikon D3200 kit first, if only out of spite!


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