Is it OK to "steal" pictures for school reports, etc?

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Re: No, it's not

MaxTux wrote:

(And it's not a matter of "stealing").

The sad reality is that this is common practice. Kids are actually encouraged to simply pick up images from whatever source they can and include that in their school projects. For some reason that I find very hard to understand, those evaluating such assignments would have no tolerance for including a piece of text not authored by the student, but doing the same with an image is somehow OK.

Using an image is not the same as plagiarism.  You aren't pretending you took the image, nor are you being grading on the merits of the photography. You are using it to illustrate the work you actually did.   I think it would be more like if you were writing a report on modern literature and included excerpts of other author's writing to prove your point.

Or maybe flip it around and take a photo for an art class, and mount it along with a famous poem that relates to the photo you created.

So I don't care about "stealing", I care about the system that conditions kids to have vastly different levels of authorship respect between the text and the images.

I think the line is presenting the work as your own when it is not.   No school I have been a part of has encouraged that in any form.

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