best photo management practices?

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best photo management practices?

I have a very large photo library (about 42,000 photos). Here is how I currently manage it:

First, there are the top level folders by year:


Then, there are events folders. The device used is indicated in the (brackets):

2012-05-16 Hawaii (Camera)
2012-08-17 BBQ (iPhone)
2012-11-29 Birthday Party (Camcorder)

The problem thatI'm getting too many events in a year: I can have upwards of 20 events folders in a year. This is making getting to my pictures very difficult. The photos feel isolated and balkanized.

I want to find a way to manage my photos so that they naturally flow from one to the other. I want to be able to easy find an event, but also to be able to view photos around that event easily.

What is the best way to organize my photos? Should I use some kind of software?

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