I am downright impressed.....with the X-E1!

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Re: I am downright impressed.....with the X-E1!

Yes, modern JPEGs and RAWs have limited dynamic range when compared to human eye. This is one area which is being improved in the sensors, generation after generation, still a long way to go. However assuming that in camera conversion does its job correctly (and Fuji currently has the best JPEG engine) full dynamic range the sensor was able to record will be present in both JPEG and RAW files. Thus no external software will be able to improve dynamic range beyond what the sensor recorded, unless it extrapolates and guesses. Obviously you are correct if in camera JPEG engine is poor - not the case with Fuji.

Beat Traveller wrote:

...Hence, if I attempted to capture a scene with massive dynamic range a few years ago, my eyes would record both high and low key details perfectly but the camera would usually blow highlights and crush shadows. If I'd shot in JPG, that's the photo forever. But I've taken RAW files from years ago and, thanks to improved algorithms in most software, it's possible to push the dynamic range closer to what I actually remember from the day I took the shot, without posterising the colours or making it unbearably noisy.

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