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Re: Please advise as to your photography style, goals and percieved needs..we can assist...

Mike C wrote:

just need more information....

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Mike C
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Hey there,

Definitely just figuring this out, not sure this is established yet so not sure this answer will help.

My goal is really just to get great pics of my kids and family on vacations and day trips.  Better image quality than what I've had and I feel like time with the little ones is slipping by.  I'd also like to become a better photographer so that many more of my images are great photographs.  What started this is we have a big vacation (once in a lifetime kind of thing) so I wanted to knock it out of the park with the photos, then have a camera that will also last years to come.

Not sure I have a style... thought I would need a zoom lens as kids are doing sports but I just don't see it happening.  There are a few moms walking around with big dSLRs and right now that's just not me.  I'm out playing with the kids or whatever during these things.  I've also never been much of a zoom person, I believe in just getting close to the subject, although this is partly a function of the really crappy zoom stuff I've had over the years I am guessing.

Perceived needs:  Something to take good indoor images, and outdoor images in low light.  I really also want something relatively simple to use.  I know the two don't necessarily go hand in hand, but right now I am thinking this camera is in my wheelhouse.

Goals:  Good pics of family.  Become a better photographer.

Style:  Okay roaming without zooming, like simple.

Perceived needs:  Great photos, done simply.

Again, not sure that helped but those are my developing thoughts.

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