Why I chose 6D over D600

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Re: Why I chose 6D over D600

socal4142 wrote:

First post here in the forum, hopefully I'll be around for a long time to come.

Ordered a Canon 6D today, upgrading from my Sony Alpha A57. My primary uses (and this is an odd combination, I know) are corporate video and personal portraits (with some lesser use for landscapes).

5D III, D800, and A99 were all out of my price range, since I had to save some $ for lenses too.

I went through all the reviews, etc. the same miserable process we've all experienced. I thought it might be of value to someone else if I shared why I ended up with 6D over D600:

  • I really am someone who will use the low-light ISO, especially for portraits since I have to shoot natural light almost exclusively. I've had a some cameras that could take great pictures (Pentax K-x, Sony NEX C3, etc.), but I've always been frustrated that I could not push comfortably beyond ISO 800.

I jpeg the 6D is much better. in RAW, the D600 is a little better, but so little I would say they are equal

  • Affordable lenses in the full-frame focal lengths I needed (better than Nikon for me). Even affordable used L-series lenses. 

Yes, Canon has a bit of advantage, especially on the used market.

  • More inexpensive MF lens options, including the very affordable non-ai Nikkors. 

Those can be used on Nikon too.

  • The option of the L 1.2 lenses (at least for rental). 

Yeah that really is beatiful glass.

  • The Canon world has a better video reputation, more resources available, and the possibility of Magic Lantern on the 6D someday is a nice thought. 

Canon is clearly better at video, no question. Magic Lanter will 100% happen for the 6D, but it will never get RAW video or very high framerates compared with the 5D Mark III, becuase it lacks the hardware.

  • There is a clear video upgrade route to the EOS C100. No such thing with Nikon. 

Yes, if you dream of that it can be a big advantage, buy the C camera and use your great EF glass you already own. It is tempting

  • Slight size / weight advantage of the 6D. The smaller the camera, the more willing I am to take it out with me.  

I don't know either but hold them in the store. The D600 seemd a bit smaller to me. But really they are so close that it have 0 importance.

That's all theory right now, until it arrives. Then we'll see what the reality is!

Thanks for letting me jump on board.


It will be a great camera, that's for sure.

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