What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

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Re: What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

tasad wrote:

Yao Li  Shen http://www.dpreview.com/members/7101672141/challenges

is a cheater.  This image  was not taken with  a cellphone LG Nexus :


The image has been taken  with DSLR  camera Canon EOS REBEL  :


The challenge http://www.dpreview.com/challenges/Challenge.aspx?ID=8189&View=Results&Rows=4  have a rule : " 1 entry per user  " - so, I wonder ,  how it was possibe , that

Derekraff7 has entered 2 images ?



There is two sets of conflicting of information, why do you believe the data on the other website?  He could be just playing around the Exit on the other website.

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