I am downright impressed.....with the X-E1!

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Re: I am downright impressed.....with the X-E1!

BillyInya wrote:

Beat Traveller wrote:

BillyInya wrote:

If you nail the exposure and don't want to 'fake' your photos too much there's no need for RAW at all.

RAW is a thing of the past for a lot of us.

It's not so much about faking the right exposure as having extra options. Actually, the thing I like most about RAW files is their longevity. I've pulled out files I took years ago that looked like crud on the existing conversion programs, and putting them through the latest software is a great way to bring out the scene as I remember it.

That doesn't make sense.

A jpeg image will capture what's there as would a RAW file so I'm not following you.

If you go back to that jpeg image you are not going to see something different over the years.

However, if your "memory" is vastly different to what was actually truly there, say pink with white dots sky and orange ocean then sure, RAW is great for that cause can you work it to give you any fake look you like.

In that case it's not your jpeg's that are failing, it's your memory.

You misunderstand me. Because the eye is capable of making micro-adjustments by opening and closing rapidly to suit varying light conditions, it has an effective dynamic range of over 24 f-stops (the actual range of the eye when kept open is much lower, but because of the speed of neural processing you don't notice these shifts, you amalgamate them into one 'exposure').

No current digital sensor comes anywhere near this, but both sensors and demosaicing technology are improving over time. Hence, if I attempted to capture a scene with massive dynamic range a few years ago, my eyes would record both high and low key details perfectly but the camera would usually blow highlights and crush shadows. If I'd shot in JPG, that's the photo forever. But I've taken RAW files from years ago and, thanks to improved algorithms in most software, it's possible to push the dynamic range closer to what I actually remember from the day I took the shot, without posterising the colours or making it unbearably noisy.

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