FOUND ! EA-LWCEX01 Samsung Wide Angle Conversion Lens for EX1 / TL500

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Re: FOUND ! EA-LWCEX01 Samsung Wide Angle Conversion Lens for EX1 / TL500


Nope, they don't and won't (ship outside of Canada), no matter what I tried, begged, offered or otherwise enticed. That's why I went though the previously, highly recommended vendor, linked in my initial post. Henry's has them for $199. The vendor I referred members to, will sell them for much-much-much less. That's why I referred to him and not anywhere else.

(Please, contact the vendor on your own for the price. I don't like quoting prices for other people, when I'm not selling the product)

I will say this, I love mine, glad I bought two and I definitely recommend this glass for the EX1 / TL500. Some places indicate that it also works with the EX2, but I can't confirm that.

Please, also note:

"The lens is attached by screwing it on after removing the camera's outer lens ring. You have to be careful as the thread is very fine. Once on, it feels like part of the camera and makes it a dream to handle. Second thing is to delve into the menu and turn 'Conversion Lens' to 'ON'. The camera reverts to 'Conversion Lens' 'OFF' when you turn the camera off, so you have to check each time you turn on."

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