RAW files recovery from a formatted (accidentally) CF card?

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Re: RAW files recovery from a formatted (accidentally) CF card?

I've heard of recuva but havn't tested it.

File Scavenger works GREAT, but it costs. I could recover an entire 80Gb partition thanks to this program, that I accidentally formatted when installing xp (I deleted the partition, but I didn't reinstall on top of that, so no data was overwritten, that's why I could recover it)

The other utility I have used to recover files is photorec, it's open source, however I don't know if it runs in windows as I use linux, but you could run an ubuntu live cd and install it (the app, not ubuntu), however, be warned that photorec is a command line utility :p. Whit this I could also recover most of the info on a corrupted partition.

In fact, the only time I lost something forever was when my backup hard drive died (it was a 80gb WD disk that went a loooong way with me), and it was because it was a hardware fault.

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