Why are my printed photos dark and professional photos from my computer are not

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Re: calibrated screen

RedFox88 wrote:

This sounds like your screen is not calibrated.  If you are doing "edits" to photos and they turn out dark, that likely means your screen is set to be overly bright and over contrasty which makes your 'edits' to them actually make the images darker because they are bring displayed brighter than they actually are on your screen.  Get that?

i do not have a calibrated system at all.  what i do is check the whites and make sure they are around 245 or so. i make sure i have some blacks around 10 or less also.  this means to me that i've got the whole brightness/darkness thing ok.  my colours may be a little wrong, but as an amateur, i'm ok with that.  the few prints  have made at walmart (yes walmart), look fine.

the op needs to post 1 picture that printed dark.

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