why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

I wrote:

Shadows of the wires will be longer with oblique illumination indeed.  But since wires (as visible from the sensels) form a rectangular skyscraper landscape, would not this rectangularity be visible on the shape of bokeh?  (When everything settles down, bokeh is, AFAIU, only “the shadow of the entry pupil” on the sensor.  So everything which effectively affects the entry pupil should be visible on bokeh)

Until this relation with bokeh is clarified, I like my microlenses conjecture better.

Thinking more about this, I get completely lost!

Different wavelenghts penetrate on different depth (in doped silicon; see, e.g., the original Foveon's X3 papers on the graphs; IIRC, it is 0.1µm–3µm).  So the shadows (no matter of  what: of wires, or of edges of microlenses) are going to have different areas depending on the depth, so depending on the wavelength.

So the shape of the bokeh should be significantly different for R, G and B.  Is it observed?  Likewise for ISO boost at wide apertures…

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