Nikkor 105mm Pictures on D800

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Re: Nikkor 105mm Pictures on D800

raimundo gaby wrote:

Funduro wrote:

Hey I just gave my self a new photo outing idea, Stick the 105 on and only shoot with it. Thanks. Sort of like me only using the fixed lens on my Fujifilm X100.

Just pointing out what might be the reason that the images aren't as sharp as they should be. Looks like your setting was shutter priority at 1/125 second in many of them. A breeze moving the delicate flowers and leaves will cause increase chances of lack of sharpness even if VR was on. VR helps for hand holding motions not subject motion. Then you add the ultra pixel resolution of the D800 and the keepers will be greatly reduced.

Sometimes I get the urge to to upgrade to the D800 becasue it's increased ability to use AF upto f/8 instead of f/5.6 like on my D700.  D800 is a special camera that needs good technic and good glass to get the best out of it.

I think this is a very good observation Fonduro. I should increase the shutter speed a little. Like I said, that was my first time using the lens on the D800, and I wanted to test the VR's ability. I never shot with the D700, but I hear great things about it.

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Here's my comments on the 'wind' or breeze dilemma.

When The Wind Blows


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