Backup, if you don’t do it, do it now

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Guy Parsons
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Have no backups? Then who's the crazy one? (fixed my bad post)

Ooops must have bumped something, was composing the subject line and away it went... Now for some content.

In my Case there's 5 active computers in the house used for various purposes and they all have a little USB drive attached that backs up (using Syncback) every 30 minutes.

Then also every 30 minutes if certain other computers or the NAS is powered on, other backups occur across to that device.

The NAS is recent and I intend to use it as the monster backup and not for daily working files. It eventually will have 4 x 3TB drives for a planned total of maybe 8 TB of space (Netgear X-Raid method) so can organise multiple dated backup sets for the first time.

Any or all of the backups can be easily removed from the house when away for more than a little time. So far no offsite storage as nothing is really that critical, if the house gets lost then the data is the very least of my worries. I trust my own backup methods way better than any cloud solutions. Besides now the complete single backup for the whole set of computers is hitting the 1 TB mark, with maybe 500 gig or so of that being the photos.

So I consider anyone just a bit crazy if they don't at least go buy one of those little USB powered hard drives and go get Syncback or similar to get their life backed up.

Regards.... Guy

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