D7100 - what is recommended high quality walkabout zoom?

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Re: D7100 - what is recommended high quality walkabout zoom?

I have never used the 18-70 so I can't comment, but cheap has its advantage in some cases.

I used the Sigma 17-70 on my D7000 and I really liked the lens.  It was adequately sharp had a tendency to flare but reached out to all of 70mm which I quite liked.  The 17 also beat any 18 all hollow at the wide end.  I used that lens a lot.  Had a nice close focus ability too.

Long story short, wife took over D7000 and I got the 7100 and of course put the 17-70 on it right away.  This is the older one which winds up at 4.5.  I was quite disappointed.  I thought that the lens just did not do justice to the sensor.  The detail which I thought I had gotten on the D7000 just was not there on the 7100.  Big dilemma.

After a whole lot of fussing and fiddling I did get the 16-85.  It is sharp, no argument there.  I do not love the lens but I do like it.  I has decent reach which is one of the reasons you buy one of these zooms but the fact that you are at f5 and then 5,6 as you get out there means it is no portrait lens. The 16 is really better than 17 at the wide end where 1mm can make a difference.

I am still curious about the new Sigma 17-70 offering.  If it is even anything like their new 35mm f1.4 it should be a winner but here I am with a workable lens so for now I will keep what I got.

Have fun with your decision and it may be to your advantage to buy where you can return what you bought for another copy.  Sigma does have consistency problems.  That new 35 is a winner though.  Wonderful on an 800.


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