Nikkor 105mm Pictures on D800

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Re: Nikkor 105mm Pictures on D800

John4 wrote:

While PP sharpening is useful I suspect that is not the problem here.  There is no way an in-focus image should look soft at the sizes presented here in the forum.  Sharp close ups require no camera movement, good focus, and not even slight movement of the subject towards or away from the camera between focus and release.

The latter was a lesson I had to relearn the hard way while photographing my two year old grandson.  I had developed a habit of pressing the shutter half way, waiting maybe a quarter of a second to allow the camera movement to settle down, then pressing further to release.  This was to avoid camera motion by 'punching' the release.  But during that brief pause, an active child can move a bit out of focus.  I suggest the same could be happening with close ups - subject motion or moving the camera slightly forward or backward between focus and release.

Regards John

Thank you John, these are very thoughtful points you shared. I appreciate the honest and constructive feedback, and the overall learning experience this forum can offer.


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