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Just to clarify...

CollBaxter wrote:

This same crew posted pictures of tomb stones  on the Sunday scapes when Bill Turner died and then defended the posts the same way as they did here.

...your above comments, I went back and checked.  Here's the only photo of the sort you describe I can find:


And here are some of the comments:


Nice picture Surgey.  Draws a viewer in.  Great detail and depth.


A very nice shot, it does look a little askew.


very cool.  It's in keeping with the night.

Were the authors of the above posts members of the "crew" you speak of?  If the person who had posted the photo been someone who you didn't consider a member of the "crew", would you have said what you just said?

If you want to know my opinion on the matter, which may surprise you, feel free to ask.

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