On putting money into 4:3 gear ...

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Whaddya say, pris?

pris wrote:

illy wrote:

pris wrote:

illy wrote:

pris wrote:

illy wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:


The normal entertainers. A banning or two.   Antagonism at it's best. Hunting as a pack. Just like the old days.

What more do you want.

i'm pleased the way the mods handled it and responded.

.. are you equally pleased with opportunity these three were granted here and the follow-up posts? They must've been so proud of themselves and their gutter humour.

i am very surprised after what happened in this thread and the way the mods responded you posted how you did.

Don't be. I believe moderators handled this thread correctly. However I can't believe that cr*p you three spilled over there is allowed to stay. So I say what I think. If that surprises you, so be it.

PS. Feel free to hit that complaint button if that insults you.

i'm fairly thick skinned, i have to be after some of the insults i've received from someone in this thread, but once again we're off topic and this doesn't belong here.

Just as much as that mentioned above cr*p belonged over there - yet, you were only to happy to participate.

Take me up on my offer that I just posted in response to Gregg's post?  I can host the entertainment in the OT Forum.  Let me know!

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