The full image chain: camera, monitor and eye

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Re: The full image chain: camera, monitor and eye

So this is the test pattern. You can check your eyes. The pattern consists of two square fields with horizontal and vertical stripes. The test image must be displayed unscaled in the browser. View "original size". There must be alternating black and white lines. Then find out the largest distance at which you can just discriminate vertical and horizontal pattern using your glasses if you need. Calculate the ratio 2*pixelpitch/distance. pixelpitch itself can be calculated as display width divided by horizontal display resolution. Example: I can discriminate at distance 160cm. The display width is 375mm. The horizontal display resolution is 1280pixels. The angular resolution of my eyes is 2*375mm/1280/1600mm = 3.66E-4 = 1.26 arc minutes. The retina display at a viewing distance of 375mm should have a horizontal resolution of 1280*1600mm/375mm = 5461 pixels. Ask older and younger people to do the test.

Test pattern. The two square fields must include alternating black and white lines only.

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